Being a mentor has given me the opportunity to work as part of a great team and make new lifelong friends. The satisfaction of knowing that 你 are helping other students is something I really enjoy and is really special. 指导也帮助我提高了我的整体信心, as well as providing me with new experiences and skills which I can use once I graduate. 绝对推荐它!




We understand that living in student accommodation is a unique experience and can bring new challenges. The 居住生活的团队 is part of the Welfare Team at the University and are here to provide support, 对住校学生的指导和建议.

Our team of peer-support 居住生活的导师 hosts regular drop-ins and visit residences throughout the year. 关于如何与团队会面的信息, 请点击这里. We also run a programme of social 事件s to help build community within our residences. 

Explore the tabs below to learn who we are and what we can help 你 with. 

‌N.B. We will always treat 你r personal information with sensitivity and respect. 请阅读赌博十大平台排行的保密声明下面的进一步信息.



  • 要预约,请通过赌博十大平台排行的在线预约时间 预订系统.
  • 一般查询,请电邮至: residencelife@pilotscabin.com.
  • Our Instant Chat function via the button below where 你 can talk live to a member of our team every evening (Mon-Fri)
  • 你可以参加 事件 and request to speak to an attending Residence Life Mentor or Coordinator.

You can follow everything we're up to - including updates about our programme of social 事件s - by following our social media: 

赌博十大平台排行可以帮助您解决住宿方面的任何实际问题, 担心和别人住在一起, 平的纠纷, 关于在埃克塞特的生活以及健康和福利问题.

If 你 are in urgent need of assistance outside our team hours, please call Estate Patrol on 01392 723999. 有紧急情况,请拨打999.


The 居住生活的团队 is part of the welfare department and is responsible for providing support to students in university residences. 以下是赌博十大平台排行团队成员的更多信息:


The 居住生活协调员 are full-time members of staff in the 居住生活的团队. 他们帮助导师完成他们的角色, 以及在更有挑战性的情况下支持学生. The Coordinators are available to set up meetings with residents to discuss any concerns that they may be having. You can contact the 居住生活协调员 via residencelife@pilotscabin.com. 他们的工作时间是下午和晚上.


Our 居住生活的导师 are experienced students who have a wealth of knowledge about what it is like to live and study here at Exeter. They host regular 事件s where 你 can meet with them to ask any questions that 你 may have, 或者你只是想找个友好的人聊天. Each Mentor is assigned to an area of halls and will visit periodically throughout the year.‌‌


Check our calendar below (updated regularly) for details of our programme of 事件s. 

Follow our social media to keep up to date with everything we're up to and see pictures of previous 事件s:

If 你 have any ideas for 事件s that 你 would like to see us run please do get in touch and let us know! 


每周的活动*‌烘焙, 咖啡之夜和智力竞赛之夜需要提前预订, 所以,请查看赌博十大平台排行的哪些页面来保护你的地方.


Living in university residences can sometimes be a challenging time for students, 无论是一个学生第一次离开家, 还是第一次住在埃克塞特. The 居住生活的团队 are here to help students have an enjoyable experience of their time with us, 并且可以帮助学生解决各种各样的问题.

  • 室友问题或冲突
  • 骚扰和欺凌问题 
  • 获得进一步的健康支持
  • 第二年的房屋问题  
  • 学术问题  
  • Advice about student life: our 导师 are a great source for this although our staff also have a wealth of experience of university life.

如果你向赌博十大平台排行提出一个问题,而这不是赌博十大平台排行的职责来帮助你  we will signpost or refer 你 to the appropriate department to ensure 你 receive the answer 你 require.

To book an appointment with a Residence Life Coordinator (full-time staff) or a Residence Life Mentor (student-staff), 请通过这个预订 form. 



赌博十大平台排行的团队目前没有任何导师的空缺, 但请您再来看看未来的机会. 


We understand that it can be difficult to trust other people with matters which may be deeply private. We will always treat 你r personal information with sensitivity and respect, and we regard this information (especially any concerns or problems 你 raise with us) as confidential unless 你 tell us otherwise. 

居住生活的团队 members work closely with each other as part of a team. 为了提供持续的支持(赌博十大平台排行的工作以轮值为基础), 并确保赌博十大平台排行提供赌博十大平台排行所能提供的最好的支持, 赌博十大平台排行可能需要在团队成员之间共享信息. 此信息仅在需要知道的基础上共享.


We 不会 pass on any personal or sensitive information about 你 (including information about 你r studies, 或者你的住址)给你的家人, 朋友或任何第三方,除非赌博十大平台排行得到您的许可. 

如果你的家人或朋友有任何关于你的问题,请赌博十大平台排行, 赌博十大平台排行只会和他们讨论一般的话题(例如, giving details of support services available to help students) unless we have 你r permission to talk about 你r specific circumstances. 

赌博十大平台排行与其他为学生提供支持的服务机构密切合作. Sometimes we may need to talk to a professional about 你r situation – for example, 确保赌博十大平台排行能满足您的支持需求, 或获得建议,以进一步帮助你. 赌博十大平台排行经常能够匿名地这样做, 但如果赌博十大平台排行需要传递你的详细信息, 赌博十大平台排行将尽可能先征求您的同意.

We do not routinely pass information 你 share with us to 你r tutors or anyone in 你r Academic College. If we are concerned that 你r studies are being affected by a personal issue, we will discuss this with 你 and seek 你r permission to advise 你r College that 你 may be in need of additional support. 在适当的时候,赌博十大平台排行会参与 健康,幸福 & 适合学习的程序



  • We have good reason to believe that 你 or others may be at risk of serious harm.
  • 赌博十大平台排行相信你已犯下或打算犯下一项严重罪行, or are required to provide information to the police as part of an investigation.
  • A member of the team would be liable to civil or criminal court procedures if information was not disclosed.

Wherever possible, we will discuss this with 你 before taking any further steps. Information passed on in these circumstances is kept to a minimum and only disclosed to relevant people on a need-to-know basis. 


赌博十大平台排行将您向赌博十大平台排行提出的任何问题都记录在计算机上, so we can ensure that we have responded appropriately and provided the support 你 need. All personal and sensitive data that we hold is processed according to GDPR requirements.

该团队还保留了赌博十大平台排行的学生接触水平的记录. 赌博十大平台排行使用这些记录为赌博十大平台排行的服务提供统计数据. 在此数据中不能识别学生的个人信息.


If 你 would like to discuss any queries relating to this statement, please contact residencelife@pilotscabin.com

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