If you are considering higher education and need advice and guidance before and while you apply, 或者如果你对自己的资格有任何疑问, 请联系:


电子邮件: careleaver@pilotscabin.com




电子邮件: careleaver@pilotscabin.com

Alex Lewis (Penryn校区) 

电子邮件: 福利.penryn@pilotscabin.com



电子邮件: advice@exeterguild.com


We are committed to supporting 护理经验 students to realise their full potential through higher education study.

赌博十大平台排行的服务范围(取决于资格)可能包括旅行奖学金, 一个支持你学习的个人联络点, 学费减免, 帮助解决住宿, 带薪实习, 学术技能支持, 定制的就业能力建议和福利支持. Eligibility for some of this support depends on the timing and duration of your period in care.

Detailed information about the support we can provide to both 保健离开者s and 护理经验 students can be found below, 包括一些针对离开照顾者的额外支持.

在赌博十大平台排行,赌博十大平台排行定义了 保健离开者 as a young person (up to the age of 25) who has been looked after by a UK local authority for more than 13 weeks since they were 14, 包括16或17岁的时候.

赌博十大平台排行定义 护理经验 as any student who has been or is currently in care or from a looked after background at any stage of their life, 无论多短. 这种护理可能在许多不同的环境中提供, 比如在养老院, 寄养, 亲属关怀或在有监护要求的家庭中被照顾.


As a 保健离开者 or 护理经验 you may be eligible to be part of the 赌博十大平台排行学者 programme. Becoming an 赌博十大平台排行学者 can be achieved by completing one of three unique pathways that include a range of specific events and activities. This free programme gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge about university and experience what it is like to study a subject of your choice at university level.
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During our admissions processes we recognise the impact that being in care can have on a student’s attainment and this may be taken into account when we are considering your application. This might mean that you are made an adjusted offer to that we publish as our typical offer. 这被称为“上下文报价”.

  • 赌博十大平台排行将申请者定义为“离开者”, anyone who has been looked after by the local authority for more than 13 weeks since they were 14, 包括16或17岁的时候 被录取的学生会得到三个等级的调整.
  • 赌博十大平台排行将申请者定义为有护理经验的人, anyone who has been or is currently in care or from a looked-after background at any stage of their life, 被录取的学生会得到三个等级的调整.


可以找到上下文提供的其他资格标准 在这里.

如果您对相关服务有任何疑问,请联系 招生 团队.



If you are considering higher education and need advice and guidance before and while you apply, 或者如果你对自己的资格有任何疑问, 请联系:


电子邮件: careleaver@pilotscabin.com

Richard Prest (Penryn Campus)

电子邮件: penrynoutreach@pilotscabin.com


一旦你被赌博十大平台排行录取, we offer a one to one meeting with the university’s designated member of staff for 保健离开者s and 护理经验 students. 他们会提供建议和支持, 从职业建议到残疾和其他需要的支持, 住宿咨询和建议你的学生财务. 一旦你到了埃克塞特,你就有机会了, 如果你愿意, 参加定期聚会的关爱经验支持小组. At these meetings, you will have the opportunity to talk about your experiences at University.


We understand that the best and most reassuring advice often comes from fellow students who have been in the same position and share similar backgrounds and experiences. This is why we have developed a 同伴支持 programme which gives you the opportunity to gain support and advice from other 保健离开者s and those who have experienced care in higher years at the 赌博十大平台排行.
作为有爱心和爱心经验的在校学生, the Peer Mentors on this programme have had experience of accessing support from the University so they are able to guide you on w在这里 to go and who to speak to. They can draw on their own experiences of adjusting to University life and can give reassurance about any worries or concerns you may have.

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The 赌博十大平台排行 offers career and employability support and guidance throughout your time studying with us; with continued support three years after you graduate. 就业专区可以提供各种各样的课程, including fully funded internships and mentoring schemes to support your entrance into the work place. 这些课程提供了创建自己实习的灵活性, 由职业区提供经济支持.

如需进一步资料,请参阅 职业网站 或联系:

电话: 01392 724493
电子邮件: careers@pilotscabin.com

电话: 01326 253735
电子邮件: cc-careers@pilotscabin.com



As a 保健离开者 you will be entitled to a travel bursary of a maximum of £150 to cover the costs of visiting the University whether to attend a Campus Tour, an interview or an Offer Holder Visit Day The bursary can be used to reimburse travel expenses only and cannot be paid as a cash alternative or be used towards any other expenses incurred as a part of attending a campus tour. Receipts are required for reimbursement - unfortunately we will not be able to reimburse travel claims without these. Travel claims will be paid for the student only and overnight accommodation costs will not be paid for unless advised otherwise. 欲了解更多信息,请发电子邮件 careleaver@pilotscabin.com.




The 赌博十大平台排行 offers financial support to students who have been in care in the form of a full fee waiver for UK undergraduates and PGCE students, 以及25岁以下的离校生助学金. Care Leavers starting undergraduate or PGCE courses at the 赌博十大平台排行 will not have to pay tuition fees. If you have identified yourself as someone who has been in care on your UCAS application form, 赌博十大平台排行的招生团队将与您联系,询问进一步的信息.


该奖学金适用于本科和PGCE学生. 为了符合资格,你将需要满足以下标准:

  • 你是一个离开者(见上面的定义)
  • 你必须在25岁以下开始你的课程
  • You must be in receipt of financial support from the university through the Exeter National Scholarship or Access to Exeter Bursary schemes

The bursary is intended to help with the cost of accommodation during the summer vacation period after your first and subsequent years of study (but not final year). 奖学金金额不是固定的, 但要考虑到您的住宿需求的额外费用.

申请此奖学金及寻求独立意见, 请联系学生行会咨询服务.




We understand that you may require additional information to help you to make your accommodation choices and we are happy to discuss individual requirements. For 保健离开者s in the local area who are holding an offer from the 赌博十大平台排行, 赌博十大平台排行将安排一次支持会议来讨论您的住宿选择. 一旦您的住宿需求被确定, the University’s named contact for 保健离开者s will liaise with the 住宿 Office to try and secure appropriate accommodation, 包括365天的住宿,如果需要的话.

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